How it Works

  • Reactivate and Retain More Patients

    Does  your staff feel yucky when calling old patients and getting rejected over and over? Now you can stay in contact with all your patients on a regular basis, provide them with interesting and informative content without being pushy.  This keeps you and your practice top of mind and will increase the number of patients that will be reactivated.

  • Publish to Social Media

    All the Information we share with your patients can also be published to your social media account.  Encourage your patients to follow you online and communicate with them on any platform they choose.  Make it easy for them to interact with your business.

  • Your Own Blog Updated Regularly

    SEO experts agree that publishing regular, informative content is the best way to keep the search engines ranking you high in the search results.  With your busy schedule, many dentist do not have the time or the knowledge to maintain a regular blog.  SmileGrid will do this for you with articles that will engage and inform your audience.

  • Analytics to Help you Grow

    As your audience interacts with your content, we will keep you informed of what they are reading.  This will help you and your staff cater to their needs better and provide better care when they come to your office.

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