Be Everywhere Your Patients are Online

Grow Your Dental Practice

Get into Social Media and Blogging.

Instantly have a Blog and an Active Social Media Presence to interact with patients and Attract new Patients.

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  • Relying on your staff to manage your Social Media presence
  • Inconsistent and Random entries and Interactions Online
  • Spending $$$$/month with no idea of what impact it is having on your practice
  • Informative and Fun Content that is professional and accurate.
  • Regular posts and interactions
  • Ability to see who is interested in the content.

Using these techniques I grew my practice year over year despite working part-time and cutting my hours.  Social media and regular blogging and newsletters has worked wonders for my practice, but I know how time consuming and expensive it can be.  That's why I'm launching and all-in-one service to take some of the burden off your shoulders.

Arezoo Nasiry, DMD